My oldest child is now entering the mischievous stage. She wants to know what everything does, where everything leads and what happens when she pushes ANY buttons near her. As a parent this makes me so happy, but also a little nervous at the same time. I can only protect her while I can watch her, and as much as I would like there are those few rare times she runs out of sight and I have to chase her down to see where she went. Well, children have no fear, and it does not take long to find something they probably should not be around. This is why when I cook or have to have my attention on something other than my little girl I use my wonderful Pack N Play. With this Baby Trend pack n play I am able to relax and focus all of my attention on the task at hand.

The pack n play is so portable that no matter what room in the house I have to work in I can easily move it and put it in my line of sight for those moments my child gets fussy or needs me in any way. It is also wonderful because it is big enough she can move around inside and have several of her toys in there with her. She can play with her dolls, or use her books while sitting, standing or even laying down. It is also a mesh material, so I can see if she is okay even when she is not standing up. I can be aware of everything she is doing at all times and know she cannot hurt herself while in the process. This pack n play has become such a valued piece of furniture in my mind. I take it anywhere we travel and love it every time. She enjoys playing in there, and when I need it the most I can use it to know she is safe while my eyes are on something else.

I recently received a call from my cousin stating that the get together would no longer be held upcountry. She said that they had changed the rules and I would host it in two weeks time. I instantly freaked out and tried convincing her that I wasn’t qualified enough, but she isn’t the kind of person you say no to. I had two weeks to prepare.
In my panicked state, I called my parents. They were not going to allow me to shift the get together to their place but were willing to share a secret. What I needed was to have my cousins feel relaxed and at pleasure. What I needed was a hot tub.

The buying experience

Shopping and browsing for a hot tub was fun but difficult. It wasn’t about settling and purchasing the first beautiful hot tub found. It was about getting the best. I tried several Modesto CA hot tubs but the shop that really blew my mind off was the Spa doctor of Modesto.

Why Spa doctor of modesto?

The service here was amazing. They asked me the following questions to make sure I got the best.

1. Where do you intend to place the hot tub?

2. Who are you going to share the hot tub with?

3. Do you intend to use it to relieve tension, aches, stress or pain in your body?

4. What’s your budget?

5. How often do you intend use the hot tub?

For each of the answer I gave, I was advised accordingly. Finally they recommended several hot tubs that would meet my needs. They however, allowed me to make the final decision.

Customer satisfaction

Purchasing the hot tub was not the last of their service. I was advised on the proper care of the hot tub before I left the showroom. To mention just but few;
I was advised to use the traditional chlorine to cleanse impurities from the water; alternatively, I was advised to use the ozone system or salt water sanitation for the same results.
Lastly, they installed the hot tub and serviced it well.

The staff

The team of staff here are friendly, professional and experienced.

The hot tub

The hot tub is durable, efficient, affordable and highly rated.


There are suggestions that I will be hosting the get together again next year. Some cousins have even stayed behind to enjoy the hot tub more. I cannot stop recommending the Spa doctor Modesto CA for the best hot tubs!

The idea of living the dream is something we have all had in our minds at some point – whatever each of our specific ideas of living the dream’ may be. But there’s one thing that’s perhaps similar in all of our daydreaming fantasies of a nice house with a nice car on the drive – if you’re going to live the dream properly, you’re going to have to buy a hot tub to complete that vision. Anyone who hasn’t envisioned themselves living the high life in a hot tub is either lying or hasn’t experienced the wonders of a hot tub themselves.
With this in mind, and after a particularly successful year at work, I decided I was now earning enough money to reward myself with my dream item – the wondrous hot tub. My yard was spacious enough for one and there was a particularly nice corner where I imagined it would go. So off to my commercial spas in Modesto dealer I went.
I got to the showroom and was in awe of all the amazing hot tubs I was surrounded with – ones with jets, ones with eye catching neon lights, ones that boasted impressive water features. The list went on, but my personal favorite was a particular hot tub hat played music. In all honesty, it didn’t matter which one I chose as they were all mesmerizing and even being in that showroom was my idea of heaven.
The hot tub dealer seen my look of overwhelming delight, and came over to offer me some much needed assistance. He gently guided me through the array of hot tubs, explaining in detail what each one did best and what each one would be best for. I told him the space I had to fill as well as what I expected from my new hot tub and he was more than willing to get me the perfect tub for me.
What was refreshing is that he wasn’t trying to sell me something I didn’t want or oversell a basic hot tub – he was honest, knowledgeable and helpful. Even though I really wanted a hot tub, if the hot tub dealer was too much or clearly just trying to get a sale that would have put me off. Luckily, he was just a great dealer and helped me achieve my living the dream’ goal.
I am now the proud owner of a fantastic, music blasting hot tub that was well within my budget – I couldn’t be happier.