I recently received a call from my cousin stating that the get together would no longer be held upcountry. She said that they had changed the rules and I would host it in two weeks time. I instantly freaked out and tried convincing her that I wasn’t qualified enough, but she isn’t the kind of person you say no to. I had two weeks to prepare.
In my panicked state, I called my parents. They were not going to allow me to shift the get together to their place but were willing to share a secret. What I needed was to have my cousins feel relaxed and at pleasure. What I needed was a hot tub.

The buying experience

Shopping and browsing for a hot tub was fun but difficult. It wasn’t about settling and purchasing the first beautiful hot tub found. It was about getting the best. I tried several Modesto CA hot tubs but the shop that really blew my mind off was the Spa doctor of Modesto.

Why Spa doctor of modesto?

The service here was amazing. They asked me the following questions to make sure I got the best.

1. Where do you intend to place the hot tub?

2. Who are you going to share the hot tub with?

3. Do you intend to use it to relieve tension, aches, stress or pain in your body?

4. What’s your budget?

5. How often do you intend use the hot tub?

For each of the answer I gave, I was advised accordingly. Finally they recommended several hot tubs that would meet my needs. They however, allowed me to make the final decision.

Customer satisfaction

Purchasing the hot tub was not the last of their service. I was advised on the proper care of the hot tub before I left the showroom. To mention just but few;
I was advised to use the traditional chlorine to cleanse impurities from the water; alternatively, I was advised to use the ozone system or salt water sanitation for the same results.
Lastly, they installed the hot tub and serviced it well.

The staff

The team of staff here are friendly, professional and experienced.

The hot tub

The hot tub is durable, efficient, affordable and highly rated.


There are suggestions that I will be hosting the get together again next year. Some cousins have even stayed behind to enjoy the hot tub more. I cannot stop recommending the Spa doctor Modesto CA for the best hot tubs!

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