My oldest child is now entering the mischievous stage. She wants to know what everything does, where everything leads and what happens when she pushes ANY buttons near her. As a parent this makes me so happy, but also a little nervous at the same time. I can only protect her while I can watch her, and as much as I would like there are those few rare times she runs out of sight and I have to chase her down to see where she went. Well, children have no fear, and it does not take long to find something they probably should not be around. This is why when I cook or have to have my attention on something other than my little girl I use my wonderful Pack N Play. With this Baby Trend pack n play I am able to relax and focus all of my attention on the task at hand.

The pack n play is so portable that no matter what room in the house I have to work in I can easily move it and put it in my line of sight for those moments my child gets fussy or needs me in any way. It is also wonderful because it is big enough she can move around inside and have several of her toys in there with her. She can play with her dolls, or use her books while sitting, standing or even laying down. It is also a mesh material, so I can see if she is okay even when she is not standing up. I can be aware of everything she is doing at all times and know she cannot hurt herself while in the process. This pack n play has become such a valued piece of furniture in my mind. I take it anywhere we travel and love it every time. She enjoys playing in there, and when I need it the most I can use it to know she is safe while my eyes are on something else.

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